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Presby Environmental Systems

We are Presby Certified. Presby is an alternative Class 1 system for drain field installation for unsuitable soils.

This system uses a bed with oxygen bypass piping, a new technology that removes up to 98% of wastewater contaminants as it recycles clean water into the environment, recharging natural water supplies.

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Affordable Septic Pumping Services in Gwinnett and the Atlanta Metro Area

Septic and Sewer Solutions, Inc. provides a number of services, all performed with our values of honesty, integrity, hard work and professionalism. We do the work and educate our customer as we go. We can provide special conditions permits for your next job. Making sure you meet all county regulations and compliances. Sewer line repair, septic tank replacement, septic to sewer conversion and drain field installation are just a few of the professional services we can provide.

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Septic Inspections

It is a good idea to have your septic tank and system checked periodically by a professional. Often, when we do an inspection, we can help a client avoid septic tank failure, or to provide routine maintenance on a septic system which will give a client many more years of service from the septic system.
T and F

Tee & Filter

This perhaps is the most important part of your septic system. It keeps anything but grey water from coming out of your septic tank and into your drain field. Drain fields can cost thousands of dollars if they are compromised, so it is always beneficial to make sure that your Tee and Filter are operating appropriately.
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Sewer & Septic Line Repairs

Sewer lines can be compromised for a variety of reasons, including the age of the plumbing, and often times tree roots grow up near the sewer lines and eventually cause them to break or clog. We can troubleshoot, service or replace sewer lines of all kinds on homes or businesses with either septic systems or city sewage.
Drain Field After Clearing


In many places where homes and businesses originally had septic tanks that is no longer a viable option, either because of zoning, convenience, or because the county or city has installed new sewer service to your area and they require for you to move to sewer over a septic system.  We can convert your existing septic system to city/county sewer if it is available in the Atlanta area.
Pumping Sewage

Septic Pumping Services

From time to time-- every 3-5 years, actually--  septic tanks need to be serviced, and pumped down.  We provide this service.  We can come out to your home and pump down your septic tank so that you can continue to use your septic system. While we are there, we can perform an inspection of your septic system so that you can be sure it functions at top performance in the days ahead.
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Access Risers

Access risers give easy access to the septic tank system, so that your landscaping does not need to be torn up when you have a qualified repairman service your septic tank.  Clients often do not have their septic tanks serviced because they do not want their landscaping disturbed.  These access risers enable our technicians to service your tank regularly without disruption.
New Septic Tank Install

Septic Tank Replacement

So your existing septic tank is no longer doing it's job--  it's time for a replacement.  Septic Tanks do wear out in time, and when the time comes, Septic and Sewer Solutions, Inc. can do the entire job from start to finish, so that your house empties of its sewage appropriately.  We can take care of the old tank, install a new tank, and have you up and running again as quickly as possible.

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