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Septic and Sewer Solutions, Inc. provides all types of septic services for homes or businesses. We understand how hard it is to put your trust into a service provider, for the first time. So we make sure to provide you with quality services. We want your experience to be smooth throughout.

We've always been transparent to our customers. We educate you about the steps we're taking. We also assist you with special conditions permits you might need for your succeeding projects. Rest assured all our projects satisfy county regulations.

Giving You the Best Septic System Services

Our goal remains the same throughout the years. That is to keep our clients 100% happy. Because of that, we're proud to be getting new clients from referrals. We make sure to treat every customer the way we want a service provider to treat our family.

Here are the septic services that we provide:

Septic Inspections

Your septic tank system should be inspected regularly. This way, you can prevent septic emergencies and also protect your family's health and safety. A faulty septic system is not only a nuisance to your household, it can also affect your community. Be sure to call a reputable septic solutions provider to inspect and maintain your septic system.

Tees & Filters

Tees and filters are both important components of the septic system. These two prevent particles from reaching and clogging your drain field. Drain fields can only handle so much wastewater, and repairing it once it's compromised can be costly. Be sure your sanitary tee and filter are functioning properly at all times to protect your drain field against damages.

Sewer Line Repair

The cost of a sewer line repair can vary depending on the available options and the complexity of the project. One reason a sewer line gets damaged is surrounding tree roots. You'll know there's something wrong with your sewer line if you start to smell a foul odor, notice bubbling in your toilet, or see your drains flow slow. Our team can identify the issue and complete repairs as quickly as possible.


Septic tanks may need to be converted due to its old age, current condition, zoning, or installation of a new sewer service. The conversion process, in general, requires adding a treatment equipment to the system. This should be done only by septic system professionals. Faulty septic tanks can be a safety hazard. You'll want to proceed with the conversion, if it's the most suitable option, as soon as possible.

Septic Tank Pumping

In a septic tank system, wastewater is divided into three. The solids that are found at the bottom of the tank, the liquids that stay in the middle, and the fats that remain on top. Over time, the solids can build up and hence will have to be pumped out. This is to ensure there's enough space for the tank to hold the liquids in. Septic tank pumping should be done at least every 3 years or depending on the system usage.

Drain Field Repair

Drain field repair has to be done immediately to prevent contaminating the soil and water sources. The good news is that this no longer has to require tearing down your landscape. You can have drain field issues fixed without disturbing your yard. Our team uses access risers so we can service septic tanks without causing disruptions.

Emergency Repair

A septic tank can survive years with only minimal maintenance. However, there may come a time when it will require immediate attention. Among signs to watch out for are a foul odor coming from your toilet, difficulties when flushing, or excess water in your drain field. Our team performs emergency services to ensure your septic system is back working again in no time.

Septic Tank Replacement

If your septic tank needs to be replaced, we're here to help. From site preparation, removing the old tank, installing the replacement, testing against leakage, and cleaning up, we can do this all for you. Only fully trained professionals will be working on your septic tank, which means you can keep peace of mind they know what they do best.

We Are Licensed and Fully Insured

Feel at ease knowing that employees working on your septic tank are all licensed and fully insured. Our team is composed of professionals with years of experience in the septic system industry. We'll get the job done, using our knowledge and expertise.

We provide services in Gwinnett County and Hall County as well as in the following cities: Buford, Flowery Branch, JeffersonOakwood, Alpharetta, Cumming, Lawrenceville, Gainesville, Duluth, Norcross, Lilburn, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and more!

Septic Tank Pumping Services in Oakwood GA

With regular septic inspections, you can prevent the need for emergency repairs. Call us today at (404) 484-9943 to schedule an appointment or request a free quote.

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