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Septic & Sewer Solutions, Inc. is a company owned by, Josh Wood. He started this company due to the recession proof business of the septic industry. Josh is a man that when he puts his mind on something he knows the ins and outs of everything about that product, idea business etc. He knows all the rules and regulations to the septic & sewer industry. Josh grew up on and around tractors his whole life. He has been doing septic & sewer work for over 10 years prior to starting Septic & Sewer Solutions, Inc. He was in the pipe laying, grading and clearing for years before that. Josh constantly seeks knowledge within the industry, stays up to date on all the codes, rules etc. He has studied a class 1 system for three years prior to becoming one of Presby’s only installers in North Georgia.

The Presby system is a class 1 alternative system for properties that hard bad soils or tight spaces where a conventional system won’t fit. It is a better and cheaper alternative in the class 1 market.

I thrive on treating people right and not doing what businesses usually do to people, take advantage of them. I saw an opportunity to bring some old fashioned values back to the business world. I run this business with honesty and integrity. I want our customers to be completely satisfied and we educate them on their systems.

We have a 5 star rating on home advisors. We get several of our customers off of referrals. In early 2016 we took Septic & Sewer Solutions, Inc. to a new level. We have expanded to do turnkey work with builders. We decided to do this after working with builders and their grader messing their soils up to the point county shut them down. Once a soil report is preformed the soils stay to that report unless fill dirt is placed on the soils or 1 foot is taken or added to them. It made our job and the builder’s life more complicated. With Josh’s knowledge and skills we were able to offer an alternative to their nightmares. We do grading, clearing, and erosion control.

We have turned a basic septic company into a highly reputable business. We feel God has opened the doors. We are looking forward to the growth and continuous service we provide to our customers.


Septic & Sewer Solutions, Inc.

Josh Wood, owner

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